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Weekly Update

Introduction \ Recap:

The purpose of the project is to make a cooling system for the laptops that can be portable. We are planning to design a fan cooling case for laptops. The problem is laptops get really hot this is a problem because it affects performance and it affects the computer’s components and lifespan.

We hope that your project will create a fan case that is both portable and fast cooling to stop computers from overheating.

Design Sprint Objective:

Finish CAD by next week

Start printing Cad model

Find a way to lay the wiring to not mess with the fans

What we Learned this week:


We made all fans work

Changed from ardino to smaler lcircuit board

We Started working oncad

Mr. Huang gave us a wire attachment that can connect all 4 fans to the mother board.

This help get rid of the other wires and makes the case filled with less wires.

We started working on the 3D model of the fan case

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