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Warmer - Logo Designs

Updated: May 15

Product name Warmer

"You lost it, You heard it, You felt it, You found it"

We created 5 logos. The first logo was suppose to be round and fire like. With the color scheme of red and dark yellow.

The second logo was a much fancy and less bold logo we wrote in cursive.

The Third logo is much square and sharper. The W and M are sticking out more on purpose so we could potentially write it W.M and create other products with those Initials.

The fourth logo is a comb of 1 and 2 With the W and M bubble letter and the AR and ER begin text.

The fifth logo was a W with dot on top

which and be reversed and turned into a M.

We wanna do the 4, 3, or 5th one we are still deciding on which ones to do.

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