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Update Post-Automatic Curtain Opener

This week, we figured the things we have to do in order to make progress on our project. Most of the week was making updates on our binder work, currently has most of our documentation other than a few papers.

This week, we successfully printed out our presentation and added it to our binder. We also added our blueprints of our build to the binder.

A rough hand drawing of our blueprints

We also officially began the building of our serious prototype; we made a last minute pre-build decision to switch our prototype from cardboard to vex parts. The reason we did not want to initially work with Vex parts, despite Emmanuel and I's familiarity with them from our experience in Robotics, is because we wanted to use Arduino parts for the actual motor functionality of our project. We overcame this problem by deciding to use Vex building parts but by still including Arduino components for the functionality.

Picture of our Vex Prototype

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