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Tell Your S/O How You Really Feel!

Ever feel like you don't know how to express your feelings?! Fear not, for this emotional interpreter will do all the smiling, frowning, and smile frowning you need! This interpreter is comprised of two extremely satisfying buttons that light up a display of happy face, or sad face depending on your mood. This device can be both useful as a carnival souvenir for its bold appearance, but also a useful tool for those who may need a little help communicating and expressing themselves.

The inspiration for our emotional interpreter comes from the ostentatious personality of what one would find in a carnival shop, in combination with the satisfying attraction of carnival games. We also looked to the current craze of the digital age, the "Tik Tok" stuffed animal known for being a two-sided emotion-displaying octopus, for a beneficial purpose to the product. By turning this stuffed animal into a digital apparatus, it aligns perfectly with the flashy glow of a carnival, but also the satisfaction that the stuffed animal brings.

The driving force, the brain behind the magic, is the all too familiar Micro Bit. This small processing unit is what provides power to the entire happy-sad LED apparatus. Each microbit is connected in a circuit to each individual LED that is completed by the press of one of the emotional buttons. Each button is connected to its own Micro Bit to ensure all of the LEDs are fully powered and the LEDs only light up when a certain pin on the Microbit receives a power signal, such a signal of course being created by the push of the satisfying buttons. Additionally, the LEDs display their corresponding emotion when giving off power to the LEDs such that if the user cannot see the display, they can still be sure their message is heard.

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