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Saltwater Battery- Logo Designs

Product name - Water Wattz

"Working towards a water powered world"

This is the only design in which a lighting bolt is not included. The reference to electricity is the light bulb itself while the water inside represents our main selling point: the use of water to produce energy.

In this logo design the connection to water is the turtle, we decided to include it since animal mascots make a product more popular. The lightning bolt was drawn on the back of its shell to represent energy.

This is probably the simplest design we came up with. A single water bolt with water in the background. It's pretty self explanatory and what would make it more eye catching is probably the colors we end up choosing.

For this design a lightning bolt is drawn inside of a water drop. The product name is right under it, wrapping around the drop. The simplicity makes it easier for customers to understand the main focus of our product.

In this design we drew an actual battery as opposed to another item to represent electricity. Again, we added water to the design and the product name is divided with one word on each side.

This design also includes a turtle, however it is made up of gears. Its shell is one big gear and in the middle there is a lightning bolt. The product name is wrapped around it. This is the only other design where we didn't include water.

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