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  1. Our mission is to create an app for teens across Chicago, specifically for Chicago Public Schools (High School specifically).

  2. The creators, Jessica and Vincent, have been prioritizing ways to decrease anti-socialness within the Chicago area.


Our app is designed with multiple features such as 365Stories, FriendSwipe, and Reels.

  • 365Stories is where people are able to swipe up and down through certain videos and clips of students' days. Similar to snapchat, there is only a maximum of 60 seconds in 10 second intervals. Users are able to skip through these clips.

  • FriendSwipe is a feature similar to Yubo where students are able to swipe and match depending if the students match each other's interests. Swiping left signifies a no (No Match) and swiping right signifies a yes (Potential Match).

  • Reels will be a feature where it mimics TikTok and includes fun videos for students to post. This will enable students to connect with each other in a more similar globally known social media (TikTok).

Many Chicago Public Schools (CPS) 8th grade students may not have an idea of who they will meet in their high school, so we are designing ways to connect people before freshman connection and link crew. This will be part of the swipe feature, where students will be able to display their school and match with each other. After matches, people may be able to scroll through each others' stories in 365Stories and create private stories for certain groups of people. We hope that these two features will be able to fuse together to bring students together from all across Chicago.

Currently, we are not able to test the coding because the software we're using is Marvel which is designed to mock an app. We will need experts, Software Engineers, to be able to program the app in order to smoothly link the slides together. However, we plan to mock up the data with a spreadsheet that will show how students will get grouped together based on similar interests.

Reflective Questions:

Our plan is to retest the design by creating smoother transitions. We will allow each button to actually be functional, so that it mimics an actual app. The app will be believable and testable by allowing actual students at Von Steuben High School test out our app, so that they can help give us feedback on faultiness in our design.



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