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Project Update- Salt water Battery

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Goal- Our goal is to create a functioning salt water battery because normal batteries are not very convenient for developing countries. They are either too expensive or difficult to construct but are still needed for things like flashlights, transportation or even water filters.

Sprint Objective-

-Testing voltage and current for all trials

-Multiple trials with copper wire, thicker copper wire, and copper plate with zinc

Initial set-up

Zinc in every cell

First trial copper plate (left)

Second trial thick copper wire (middle)

Third trial smaller copper wire (right)

-At first we simply tried getting the measurements by holding the probe to the metals but the results were too unstable

Checking voltage and current-

Used voltmeter to gather information

Used alligator clips connected to the probe instead to get more accurate readings


Copper plate with zinc was most effective, both voltage and current were mostly stable for both trials

-Overall voltage was similar for most trials

The copper will always be negative and the zinc will always be positive

Additional trial of zinc plate and copper plate

Volts 1.5

Current 0.12

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