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Project Update- Salt water battery

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Goal- Our goal is to create a functioning salt water battery because normal batteries are not very convenient for developing countries. They are either too expensive or difficult to construct but are still needed for things like flashlights, transportation or even water filters.

Sprint Objective-

-3D print of shell being done

-Trials with copper plate, thick copper wire, copper wire, zinc

-Checking voltage and current

-retesting first method - copper wire wrapped around zinc screws+salt water

Retesting First Method

<---Zinc Screws with copper wrapped around them

-salt water in each cell

Testing second method

-Still using screws and thin copper wire

-Coffee filter is used as a salt bridge for another trial discharge of electrons goes from one metal into the other metal and the coffee filter helps so that the electrons don't get stuck in the middle. In turn the battery won't lose potency and the voltage and current will increase

<----Checking Voltage and current

-Numbers were varied-no set numbers at first and very unstable

-Battery could only hold so much power for a couple of seconds

-Highest voltage before decreasing was 1.49 Volts

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