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Project Update- Salt Water Battery

Goal- Our goal is to create a functioning salt water battery because normal batteries are not very convenient for developing countries. They are either too expensive or difficult to construct but are still needed for things like flashlights, transportation or even water filters.

Sprint Objective- This week we need to have designs of a watertight lid, final designs of the shell of the battery on CAD to 3D print, continue trials for salt to water ratio

Initial designs for seal- These are modified designs of how the actual shell will look like from the sides, it does not include the lid at the moment. We are thinking that by the end we will use some form of rubber to decrease the amount of water leaking out which will make the battery more effective.

Basic initial designs with lids plus new idea

-Hot plate to make it easier to dissolve the salt

-Made the salt much more conductive

-Over the course of the week more salt was added to see how much salt we can get to dissolve in the solution

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