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Project Update - Salt Water Battery

Goal- Our goal is to create a functioning salt water battery because normal batteries are not very convenient for people in developing countries. They are either too expensive or difficult to construct but are still needed for things like flashlights, transportation or even water filters.

Sprint Objective-This week we would like to figure out the salt to water ratio, a way to make a water-tight seal, and the correct final dimensions of the shell for the battery

Mary- salt and water ratio

Total amount of water in the beginning- 150ml

Three trials total- 20 ml of salt added to the water each time

When water was extracted there were 32.4 grams of extra salt

Ended with 125ml of salt water, in the process we lost 25 ml of water

We made super saturated salt water by boiling it and stirring

152.40ml length

76.2 millimeters Width

each cell- 20x20 mm

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