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Project Update: Rage Armor

Updated: Mar 7, 2022


  • Our goal is to design a case for the PS4 controller that can protect the controller from being dropped or thrown

  • Our design should prioritize protection while still being comfortable in the hands of the gamer

Sprint Objective

  • Our current sprint goal is to redesign and dimension the handle grips for the case through CAD

  • By the beginning of next week we hope to have had our grips 3D printed and we want to continue making adjustments to those grips if need be

  • By the end of next week, we hope to have at least 3D printed a rough design of the backplate of the case

Progress Update

This past week our group

  1. Planned out a new strategy for the handle grips

  2. Dimensioned the grips into 3 different circles

  3. Dimensioned each of those circles properly

  4. Started to 3D print the 3 circles

  5. Waiting for the circles to finish printing

These our some of our sketches in onshape...

Largest of the 3 circles

Second largest circle

Smallest circle

Isometric view of one of the circles

Overall, we plan on putting these 3 circles on the handle grips and if they are properly dimensioned then we will be in a better position to combine the circles to form a cone like shape.

Individually we both did a lot to contribute to the project


  1. Helped set up the 3D printer and sliced the designs of the circles

  2. Helped dimension the handle grips

  3. Gave important suggestions on the thickness of each circle


  1. Put the circles into onshape

  2. Helped dimension the handle grips

  3. Started the 3D printing of the circles

Things we learned this week were...

  • We learned about a much easier way that we can design the grips

  • We found out our dimensions can be slightly off due to the fact we will use a flexible filament when 3D printing

  • We can connect our 3 circle design together as long as each circle properly fits the handle grips


  • How will we get the pieces to stick to the controller?

  • Will we have to adjust our designs in order for the pieces to stick?

  • Will the 3 circles fit the handle grips?

  • We are not sure if we can change the faceplate from the acrylic laser cutting method into a 3D printed flexible filament method

  • We are not sure if these materials can protect the controller well enough

What's Next?

This coming week, we will collect our 3D prints and hopefully they fit the handle grips. If so, we will proceed with that part of the design and connect the 3 circles together through on shape. If they do not fit, we will have to go back and change around the dimensions of them. We hope to do that all this week and finish that before the week is over so we can also start on designing the backplate of the controller.

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