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Project Update: Rage Armor

Updated: May 17, 2022


  • Our goal is to design a case for the PS4 controller that can protect the controller from being dropped or thrown

  • Our design should prioritize protection meanwhile still being comfortable in the hands of the gamer

Sprint Objective

  • Our current sprint goal is to redesign and dimension the handle grips for the case through CAD

  • By the end of Next Week we hope to have both the faceplate and the handle grips properly dimensioned to fit the PS4 controller

  • We also hope to start working on the back side of the case, but only if our first goal is completed before the end of this coming week

Progress Update

This past week our group completed a lot of things such as...

  1. Redesigning the faceplate dimensions

  2. 3D printing the faceplate several times

  3. Using the heater to bend the the faceplate

  4. Learning how to properly manage the heater

  5. Learning more about the dimensions of the analog sticks of the controller

Our faceplate fitted to the PS4 controller

An image of our 1st successful faceplate

The faceplate Design in onshape Drawing

Faceplate Isometric view

Individually, we both accomplished a lot this week


  1. Pretty much mastered the heating blower for the bending process

  2. Helped dimension the analog stick layout

  3. Helped dimension the D-Pad circles


  1. Got very good with bending the faceplate using the gloves

  2. Made the dimension edits to the faceplate within onshape

  3. submitted our faceplate several times to be laser cut

Major Milestones we both accomplished were...

  1. Developing a strong method for heating and bending the acrylic

  2. Finished a properly dimensioned faceplate

  3. Overcoming a roadblock we had with an unknown error of trying to extrude our design in onshape

Part of our dimensions for the Faceplate in CAD

The other half of our dimensions of the analog sticks


Obstacles that we still have are possibly not having the skill to dimension the handle grips properly. There is also the potential problem that the grips will not fit along with the faceplate. This would be a major setback because we would then have to go back to the faceplate and make edits there to make it smaller along the handle grips. Finally, we are still not sure how we will have each part stick on the controller

What's Next?

The demo that will be put on display on Monday will have us showing our completed faceplate of the controller case. The MVP will a very rough design in which there still looks like there has much to be done such as how to have it stick to the controller. This still matches with our design sprint objective that we made earlier because that objective was to have the faceplate properly fit the dimensions of the controller and we did just that.

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