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Project Update: Laptop Cooler Case


Last week we worked on finishing our design in onshape and figuring out how to integrate box joints into our design. We also worked with Mr.Huang on ideas about possible support structures needed. This week we would like to finish adding box joints to our design and start laser cutting our model.

Design Print Objective

The next 2 weeks we hope to have a fully cut model of our laptop cooler case and having done or start testing on it. By the end of this week, we hope to have started cutting out our cooler case or be in a state where we are ready to start cutting out. We just need to stay focused.

Progress Update and Insights

We really researched and talked to Mr. Huang about about laser cutting and box joints. We also discussed different ways to incorporate support structures that would be very stable. W finished our model but we need to add box joints. We were having some trouble with how were gonna produce our model but Mr. Huang helped us out with that. 3 major milestones are that we have a model, we know how we are gonna print and very close to being able to start cutting our design.


We didn't know if we needed supports and if we did, how to add them or efficient ideas for them? Mr. Huang helped us with that so now we know.

What's Next

We need to keep working and get ready to be able to laser cut our model. We need to finish that and do experiments on our cooler vs the one we bought.

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