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Project Update: Laptop Cooler Case

Updated: Feb 28, 2022


Our goals for this week were to start designing our model on Onshape and hopefully finish it. We did complete this goal and we have started our design. We are almost done with it.

Design Sprint Objective

Our goal for the next two weeks is to fully finish or design model on Onshape and fully print it out. Also to compare our model to the example model that we bought. By the end of the week we want to have our design done on Onshape completely and ready to print out.

Progress Update and Insights

This week we finally got the temperature test to run on the computer. Mr. Huang helped us and showed us what we should be looking for and how we can compare our cooler case to the one we bought. We also worked out some kinks in our design and are almost finished with it.

Three major milestones we achieved were that we found our final design, we have got all our final materials, and we started making our design in Onshape.


One obstacle we had was getting the temperature test to run on the computer. So we had to have Mr.Huang sign into his account so we could run the test. Another obstacle was that we couldn't find an easy way to assemble our model in onshape so we had to some experimenting. We ended finding a way to complete it.

What's Next

For next week, we need to finish our model on Onshape and hopefully start printing it. That is our primary focus for next week.

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