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Project Update: Interchangeable Dog Boot

Recap: Our group is trying to find a way to create a dog boot that has multiple, interchangeable bottoms. Boots are important for dogs because their paw pads are incredibly sensitive and are a breeding ground for bacteria. Paws are also crucial for a healthy and happy pet life.

Design Sprint Objective: By the end of next week we would like to have the boot bottom designs made and then have the made within a CAD app.

Progress Update and Insights: So far this week we had made a complete material list, with prices and the amount we need. We also had the materials from Amazon ordered, and the other ones are going to be. We also completed research on different boots like snow boot, rain boot, and hiking boot. We've started drawing a design for each of the bottoms and have started making them within OnShape.

What's Next: By next week, hopefully the material we ordered will come in, if they do then we'll be able to start another prototype. If they don't come then we will just continue with research and new bottom designs.

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