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2nd Design Sprint Prototype - Ergonomic Mouse Design

With one of the final prototypes done the team is moving on to create our own freehanded model on Tinker CAD. What we are looking to create is a mouse that easily supports any persons hand, and can function as a shell over a mouse or as a complete mouse itself. The main thing that is different from our first design this will be one solid piece rather than 2 put together. This will result in a much smoother design and more comfortable fit.

The next steps for our team is to finish the next prototype in Tinker CAD within the next week and be able to print it our to fit on a mouse. This will ensure us enough time to get final tests in and make final tweaks before we finish.

Testing :

Testing our designs of the mouse will be relatively easy to complete. Using our classmates (who are experts in mouse use and CAD) to test our design against the mice provided in the classroom and deciding which one is better. We can accomplish this by asking each testy to plug both the classroom mouse and our mouse into a computer and make a cube in a CAD program. Being able to place a mouse underneath the shell will be required in order to plug it into the computers to test it for it's functionality not just comfortability.

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