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Project Update - Electric Curtain Opener

Zakariyyah, team documenter and functionality expert, looking for materials.

During our week of work, we ended up achieving a lot on our agenda. We heavily relied on our Kanban board and with it lead small group talks at the beginning of our class periods, which really helped us visualize the tasks that we needed to get done.

At this point in our project, we have gathered all the necessary materials in order to create our serious prototype. As mentioned in our previous blog post, we decided to transition into using Vex parts, the difference this week being that we likewise decided/leaned towards using Vex parts for our functionality with a lesser consideration towards using Arduino parts.

We finished our prototype, which naturally lead to the critiquing face of our building. Before adding our functionality, we found that they're were potential ways to optimize the functionality of our prototype by changing the infinity shaped sprocket design into a more practical shape which respects the 2-dimensional axil based functionality of the sprockets. We are currently in the face of revising this functionality.

Team finishing up building prototype

We also made a lot of progress on organizing our documentation. We printed out our finished brochure, Noah sent the CAD designs for the prototype, and I (Zakariyyah) am now the official team documenter which was something we chose to improve our team productivity.

Our goal for next week is to improve the functionality of our prototype and add the automatic mechanics to it.

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