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Project Update - Curtain's Best Friend/CBF (Electric Curtain Opener)

This week, we made some steady yet important progressions in our project. Although we aren't finished with our current prototype, we've found some more efficient ways which will save us time and effort in the long run.

We made the choice to transition to vex motor parts instead of going ahead with step motor. Though it had promising precision and capabilities, it did not have a key quality and element for our project, which was torque. Not only that, but we would have to dedicate some time to changing our gear ratio. So we decided to change to a red Vex Motor which specifically accommodates for torque. We were able to unofficially attach the motor to the project and as a result we saw the first motor movement of our actual project. At this point, we have a guaranteed mechanism with us to make our prototype functional, and at this point it is only a matter of attaching it to the project.

With Vex, we can utilize our prior vex robotics experience and even robot model for our current project. We were able to use the autonomous code from our robot to test the functionality of our gear system. What we plan to do is to edit the code, primarily by removing unnecessary lines of code, because the code in itself is already functional for our project but does far more than we need. We also have some brain storming to do over the remote functionality of our project. We won't be using a remote controller, so we have to find a more practical and viable solution.

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