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Project Update - Cue: Targeting our Audience

This week our goal for our group was to identify who our audience would be based on our product. We wanted to create scenarios and personas on who we imagine buying our products.

One of our goals were creating personas on which specific groups of people would use our product. When we were discussing who would wear our products besides regular bicyclists. We thought of food delivery workers like Grubhub and DoorDash employees which makes sense since Companies like these would want their employees to be safe on the job. Also everyday commuters who want to get home safe during the night time would want this product as well and everyday bicyclists who care about quality or even fashionable gear when they are out biking. Below are the personas we created as a group who are targeted group would be.

Name: Dylan Nalyd

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Background/ Behaviors:

  • The happiness of others makes him happy so he enjoys delivering food and their necessities to them on time

  • Part-time DoorDash employee

  • Lives in Minneapolis, MN

  • Attends University of Minnesota

  • Loves Biking and bikes around campus or to stores to buy necessities

  • Likes the idea of Online Marketing and having items delivered at your door

  • Has participated in several biking marathons

  • Good sense of fashion


  • To find a financially stable job in the future

  • Paying off student loans

Needs/ Pain Points:

  • Wants to to be safe when out biking

  • Needs to successfully and efficiently deliver to customer on time


Dylan has been biking in order to deliver to customers through DoorDash and he’s been using his bike to get to stores and buy his necessities but everytime he bikes he feels like there will be a point in which a car might not notice him and hit him. He wants something that will help him feel more safe and secured while he’s out delivering to customers or buying his own necessities.

Name: Steven O’Billy J Gates

Gender: Male

Age: 26


  • Employee at Apple

  • Lives in Chicago, Illinois

  • Steve does not have a car, but commutes to work every day using a bicycle

  • Steve is a very cautious person and takes a lot of safety precautions

Needs/Pain points:

  • Is an everyday commuter and needs to show up and leave work safely.

  • Needs to feel comfortable signaling without using arms.

  • Wants a device that is wearable and does not limit his mobility.

Scenario: Steven is doing his daily commute through the crowded streets of downtown Chicago. He doesn’t feel comfortable using hand signals, as they aren’t as visible as lights. He needs to use a product that provides visibility, but doesn’t inhibit his ability to move.

What's Next?

These next few weeks, we expect to complete our next prototype for Cue and implement our new designs and ideas for the prototype. Also we debated on changing our company name, Cue, with others names, however, through a poll it was decided to keep our name Cue as a company name. Finally, we plan on finalizing our One-liner for people who are interested and wonder what Cue is?

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