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Project Update: Cue's Training Wheels

Introduction / Recap:

As bikers, our team wants to create a safer way to have bikers show what actions they are going to take when biking. Utilizing our product, bikers will be able to easily signal movements and increase visibility with wireless signal lights that are able to be attached to a variety of surfaces, such as a sweater/jacket, backpack, or on the bike itself. With our product, we plan to aid in minimizing bicycle-related injuries and death across the world.

Design Sprint Objective:

Our goals for the end of next week are to finally finish the code for Cue and to find the perfect CAD model to use for the handlebars since we had a minor setback with the 3D printing. We are hoping we could finally connect the microbit to two buttons so we could attach those buttons to bike handlebars.

Project Update and Insights:

This week Ricky and Kamlin continued to work on the wireless communication between the microbits and they successfully made the code for the transmitter microbit to send signals to the receiver. With this code, the receiver will know when and what symbol to blink. Pressing the A button will make a left turn signal, and pressing the B button will make a right turn signal. Below is an outline of how to work the microbits thanks to Mr. Huang.

The 3D printing didn't go as planned last week so Eddy continued to look for another CAD model they could use to put on the bike handlebars and attach a button. As we are working on bringing Cue to life, more ideas have sparked up about what we could use to convenience someone using our product. What if we could use some kind of lever just like the brakes on the handlebars of a bike?

Emilio continued to work on the design sketches and is currently seeking out to use some clip straps for our product. This way we could still keep the important aspects of our product which is being lightweight but also still visible. Inspiration had been taken from those stomach/ waist training belts and we thought it was a good idea since it'll be easy and lightweight to put on and it'll be tightly secured around you.

Blockers / Obstacles / Unknowns:

So far the only obstacles we had were fixing the toggle feature on the microbits since they keep blinking once the button is pressed and what we need is for the microbit to turn on and off when the button is pressed.

What's Next???
Currently we don't have much for the demo aside from showing the progress of the microbits which is almost done except the toggle feature needs to be fixed. Once the A button is pressed, it will show a left turn signal. Once the B button is pressed, it will show a right turn signal. We hope that for our Minimal Value Product it will be the same except with LEDS. Once the button on the left is pressed, the LEDS will create a left turn signal and once the right button is pressed it will make a right turn signal on the LEDS. We are a little behind on our Design Sprint schedule but the process of bringing our product to life might be smooth sailing once the code is done. The code is very essential for our purpose, the signaling, the cue.

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