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Project Update: Cue

Introduction \ Recap:

As bikers, our team wants to create a safer way to have bikers show what actions they are going to take when biking. Utilizing our product, bikers will be able to easily signal movements and increase visibility with wireless signal lights that are able to be attached to a variety of surfaces, such as a sweater/jacket, backpack, or on the bike itself. With our product, we plan to aid in minimizing bicycle-related injuries and death across the world.

Design Sprint Objective:

Our goals for the end of next week were to find a way to set up wireless communication between two microbits, 3D print components that could mount buttons onto bike handlebars, and create design concepts for our product.

Progress Update and Insights:

Ricky and Kamlin worked on the wireless communication between the microbits. They successfully used the radio function on the microbits to set up a transmitter for inputs and a receiver for outputs. The buttons on one microbit were used to display signals on the LED screen on the other microbit.

Eddy worked on getting a CAD model for the button mounts. Our team figured it would be simpler to search for premade CAD models rather than making our own. After finding one, Eddy printed it using the 3D printer.

Emilio worked on creating design concepts for our product. Below are examples of some of the sketches he created.

What's Next:

Our goal for next week is to change our microbit code to accommodate actual electrical components. We want the radio function to be able to turn on the LilyPad LEDs rather than displaying arrows onto the screen of the microbit.

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