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Project Update: 1WithYou

Previously on 1WithYou...

Our mission

Our mission is has not changed, we still plan to promote the connection of Chicago Public Schools high school students with each other. There are 169 Chicago Public high schools, each with various different personalities from its students. We want to combine the different interests of students with each other to promote a more sociable atmosphere.

Design Sprint

Here is what we are planning to do in the following weeks, we would like to make the app more interactive and usable. We need to link the app and various screens together in order for it to be able to work.

Currently we are encouraging our peers to join the app, so we could add more "users." To do this, we created a Google Form that is accessible to anyone. This form acts as a sign up sheet for our users so we could create a profile for them. These profiles give a step further into finishing our app/design.

1WithYou Sign-Up Link:

Here is a sneak peek...


- We were able to accomplish the Google Form and having people sign up for it.

- Create well organized and somewhat professional profiles for our "users."

What's Next?

- Finishing up all of the profiles from our Google Form.

- Create more screens to make the app interactive.

- Encourage more sign ups, so that the app is more wide based.

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