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Project Status Update: Rage Armor


  • Our goal is to design a case for the PS4 controller that can protect the controller from being dropped or thrown

  • Our design should prioritize protection while still being comfortable in the hands of the gamer

Sprint Objective

  • Our current sprint objective is to complete the back trigger plates

Progress Update

This week we accomplished a lot. Firstly, we were able to finish our handle grips and combine the 3 circle design into on singular shape that fits our grips really nicely. Secondly, we went back to our faceplate and bent the sides of it using the heat bender. This allowed it to get a better fit around the controller. With both of these done, we took a picture of our completed parts into one photo. It is starting to look more and more like a real product.

Our singular design hand grip

A file of the hand grip can be seen here.

Our handle grips and faceplate pictured together

As you can see, there is a lot more bending around the edges of the faceplate.

Our handle grip and faceplate on the controller

We also decided on a specific logo. We were able to take our drawing of it and use some of our photoshop skills to convert it to a defined logo that has color.

Sketch of our logo

Our logo colorized and made through photoshop

Individually we both did a lot...


  1. Helped bend the faceplate with the heat bender

  2. 3D printed the handle grips

  3. Drew the sketch for our new logo


  1. Created the logo in photoshop

  2. Combined the 3 circle handle grips in onshape

  3. Helped bend the faceplate with the heat bender

Things we learned are...

  1. More information about the revolve tool in onshape

  2. Color choice impact and text for images impact

  3. Better ways to get our parts to fit the controller


  • We still are not sure if the parts will all fit our controller well so they don't slip off

  • We may have to go back to our faceplate design and fix dimensions there

  • We are not sure how strong the flexible filament can be

  • We still are having trouble with making the back trigger design due to its small size

What's Next?

We plan on finishing our back trigger plate this week and if possible maybe going back into our faceplate design and fixing some dimensions there specifically around the holes. Also, we still haven't even added the smaller holes for the other buttons of the controller, so we definitely need to go back to the faceplate design at some point. We may also want to start prepping for our final demo.

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