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Project Status Update: Rage Armor


  • Our goal is to design a case for the PS4 controller that can protect the controller from being dropped or thrown

  • Our design should prioritize protection while still being comfortable in the hands of the gamer

Sprint Objective

  • Our current sprint objective is to design the backside platting of our controller

  • By the beginning of next week we hope to print out (3D print) our preliminary "backplate" of our controller and see if anything has to be changed with that design

  • By the end of next week we hope to complete a backplate design and try to piece all 3 components of our design on to the controller

Progress Update

This past week our group

  1. Came up with a new idea for protecting the back of the controller

  2. Gathered dimensions on the spots we had to protect

  3. Designed a new back trigger plate for the controller in onshape

Isometric view of the back trigger plate

Bottom of the back trigger plate

Top dimensions of the design

Bottom dimensions of the design

Click Here is a link to our design for viewing



  1. Thought of the idea to just make a case for the triggers because that seems to be the only possible place the controller could be hit from the back side

  2. Helped dimension the triggers

  3. Helped create the design in onshape


  1. Helped dimension the triggers

  2. Helped create the design in onshape

  3. Thought of new possible names for our group's design project

Things we learned this week are...

  1. We only need to protect the back triggers of the controller as that's the only possible spot the controller can be hit from

  2. Learned a lot about 3D printing and more possible programs that we can use to create our designs

  3. We learned the dimensions of the triggers on the back


  • We still don't have a definite way to attach our pieces to the controller

  • We are not sure if the back triggers will be able to fit the trigger piece properly

What's Next?

Next we plan on revising our back trigger if needed. Once that is done we will finish the bottom of the hand grips on the controller and come up with some way to attach the pieces to the controller.

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