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Project Status Update: Rage Armor

Updated: Mar 14, 2022


  • Our goal is to design a case for the PS4 controller that can protect the controller from being dropped or thrown

  • Our design should prioritize protection while still being comfortable in the hands of the gamer

Sprint Objective

  • Our current sprint objective is to combine the circles to form our full grips

  • We also want to fix our faceplate dimensions to include all the buttons

  • By the end of next week we hope to fully finish a final faceplate and grips finished so we can start the backplate creation

Progress Update

This past week our group...

  1. Redesigned our faceplate

  2. Completed proper printing of our grip circles

  3. Finished the bending process of our new faceplate design

  4. Printed another set of grip circles for the other grip

Our circle grips on the controller

Redesigned faceplate

Part of the dimensions of the faceplate

Other part of the dimensions of the faceplate



  1. Helped start the bending process of the acrylic faceplate

  2. Helped 3D print the other set of circles on the grips

  3. Gave important suggestion and ideas on how to proceed with our faceplate redesign


  1. Redesigned the faceplate in onshape

  2. Helped 3D print the circles on the grips

  3. Started to create the bottom end of the grips of the controller

Things we learned this week were

  • We don't need to include handle grips in our faceplate since the individual grip part should be all the protection we need

  • We both brainstormed a clamp idea that we could use to attach each piece to the controller

  • How we can combine the grip circles into 1 large design grip


  • We are not sure if the clamp idea to attach the pieces will work

  • We still need to research a way to create a spherical shape in onshape

  • We still need to know a good shape design for the backplate which could be the hardest piece to create

  • We still don't know the measurements of the backside of the controller

What's Next?

Next week we plan on starting the backplate design and dimensioning. Once that is done we will try to piece each part together and look at overall flaws and see if something needs to be changed. If it does we will go back into the design through onshape and change that part. Our goal by the end of next week will be to be close to finishing the backplate design or at least have a close to done 3D print design.

Demo Day

Overall our demo day was pretty successful. We might want to work on our introduction and lines regarding our problem, but we think everything else went pretty smooth. One major milestone we had was the display of all of our different versions and models. A few were damaged in the process by either us or other people, but the overall features are still highlighted in each model version.

Faceplate models

Model .1 faceplate

This is our first design. It is pretty bulky and sharp and the circles for the analog sticks are not attached in the proper place

Model .2 faceplate

This is our second model .2. The only real changes we made in this model were to the analog stick circles. They fit closer to the actual controller and the circles are combined with each other

Model 1.1 faceplate

This is our most recent design that we created last Friday and picked up on 3/14/22. This design is a newer version than the one shown previously in yellow. It is our smallest design yet and uses a lot less space than all the other ones. There is also a significant change to the bottom part as much of that has been cut off compared to our design from last week

Circle Grip Models

Version .1 circle grips

This is our very first design of the circle grips. The entire casing does not fully wrap around and it did not fit our actual controller's grip

Version .2 circle grips

This was our second version that we created. Only the middle circle fit the grip well enough, but all three of them still needed improvement. At this point we came up with the idea to break the grip off into 3 circles that way it will be easier to design. We also used just regular PLA filament to create it

Version .3 circle grips

This design model was our third version and was the first to utilize the flexible filament in the actual version. We found that all the circles felt too thick and only the smallest and second largest circles fit well enough. They still needed to be improved, but they were a lot better with using the flexible filament.

Version 1.0 circle grips

This is our newest design and it is very successful. The shape and dimensions of each circle fit really well and we will continue to make the bottom base of the grip as well as work on finally connecting each circle


We both have made a lot of progress so far. We have found out that sometimes we say we will work on one part and the week later we could be working on another. This doesn't really stress us out though because we realize that working on any part of our controller and trying to improve it will lead us one step closer to a final design. We both will continue to work hard to create new pieces as well as perfect existing ones. We both know exactly what is left for us to do which is great because we work really fast. We hope our design can be something great in the end.

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