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Project Status Update: Rage Armor


  • Our goal is to design a case for the PS4 controller that can protect the controller from being dropped or thrown

  • Our design should prioritize protection while still being comfortable in the hands of the gamer

Sprint Objective

  • Our current sprint objective is to improve our existing design of our handle grips as well as commence designing the backplate of our controller

  • By the beginning of next week we hope to have our grips printed properly and hopefully the design fits

  • By the end of next week our objective is to accomplish some preliminary design for the backplate

Progress Update:

The past week our group:

  1. 3D printed the handle grips

  2. Redid the dimensions of the handle grips several times

  3. Fixed a 3D printing jam that was taking place

  4. Started to 3D print the fixed design

Largest circle new dimensions

Second largest circle new dimensions

Smallest circle new dimensions

Individually we both did a lot of work this week...


  1. Helped dimension the circles

  2. Helped 3D print the grips

  3. Helped unjam the 3D printer


  1. Fixed the designs in onshape

  2. Helped dimension the circles

  3. Changed the filament to the flexible filament for printing

Controller without the edits to the dimensions

Things we learned this week are

  • How to auto level the 3D printer through coding

  • How to be more efficient with unjamming the 3D printer

  • How we both can keep each other focused and on track with our deadlines and sprint objectives


  • Will the circles be the right dimensions?

  • We are not too sure how to combine the circles together into one singular shape

  • We might not need the grips if the faceplate is covering them

  • How can we get all the pieces to stick to the controller?

What's Next?

This coming week we want to work on the backplate of the design regardless of the state of the grips. We will do some starting dimensions and brainstorming of the back of the remote and how we can design something to fit it. Because it is the backside of the remote, not only will we have to cover it, but we will also need to come up with a way to get it to stick. We have been concerned about this stage of our design for some time now, but we both think we can think of something clever as a means to get the piece to stick or hold in place.

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