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Project Status Update: Rage Armor



  • Our goal is to design a case for the PS4 controller that can protect the controller from being dropped or thrown

  • Our design should prioritize protection meanwhile still being comfortable in the hands of the gamer

Sprint Objective:

By the end of this week, our team hopes to have a 3D model (both the faceplate and handle grips) that perfectly fits the dimensions of the DualShock PS4 controller. We plan to accomplish this through the use of laser cutting and using CAD programming to properly fit the dimensions. Whether or not the design will protect the controller is not currently our goal of the time being. We plan on making adjustments if needed some later time.

Progress Update:

As a team, we used our designs from CAD to 3D print the handle grips of the case. We also were able to get a model using the laser cutter of our faceplate design.

  • Anthony heated up the acrylic from the laser cutter in order to bend certain parts of the plate

  • Anthony also maintained the 3D printers and ensured the grips printed out properly without having any flaws in the process

  • Ryan bent the acrylic design of the faceplate in places required for there to have curves/bends

  • Ryan also redid much of the dimensioning on the controller to get more accurate measurements

Unfortunately, both the acrylic faceplate as well as the handle grips did not fit the dimensions of our controller.

Also, our acrylic design snapped in certain areas during the heating and bending process. We are not discouraged in any way because we now have a lot more knowledge not just on the heating process, but also on understanding the dimensions a lot better.

Major Milestones:

  1. 3D print the handle grips

  2. Laser cut the faceplate

  3. Practiced more with the heating and bending of the faceplate design

What's Next?

Our plan for next week is to continue working hard to edit our CAD designs to get the proper dimensions. We then want to print out/laser cut both of those designs for the handle grips and faceplate. Our work this week helped us out in a major way to make us realize what we must change/edit as well as teach us more about certain tools and resources that we have.

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