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Project Status Update Blog Post

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Emmanuel, team manufacturer, with our Cardboard prototype

Introduction \ Recap

The problem we’ve been addressing is making it easy to open curtains for people with natural or chronicle dispositions, and by this we mean the elderly and people with mobility disabilities, which is about 10 percent of the American population. To do this, we have been focusing on making a product which automatically opens curtains through very little input with the user.

Isometric view of our cardboard model

Semi-side view of 3d printed model prototype

Design Sprint Objective

Our plan for next week is to start and finish our cardboard structure demo. The schematics for the structure are complete. All we have to do is cut and glue till it’s done. Sadly we only have 54 minutes each day to work on this so it will take a week.

Team busy at work with planning and documentation

Progress Update and Insights:

This week we focused on catching up on our missing project binder items. We are currently focusing on remaking our brochure since we switched project ideas after we had already finished the brochure. We re-did the research paper for the blinds project since we switched projects a few weeks ago. We still need to print all the papers out

What's Next:

Our plan for this coming week is to both start and finish our cardboard prototype. This week was mainly working on getting things for our binder content, and surprisingly through Mr.Huang’s greatly appreciated assistance, we have stocked up our inventory with necessary materials for this prototype.

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