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As pet owners, we are trying to find an efficient and affordable way to make/have dog boots that have the best designs for different terranians. Hence the birth of our idea, the interchangeable dog boot. A dog boot that has multiple bottom designs that can easily be changed out for different spaces like hiking, snow, and more.

Design Sprint Objective

Our objective was to have our second prototype complete. We are now realizing that that had been a tad unrealistic because of how far we were. We had printed designs which were way too big, and then did so much back and forth within CAD.

This photo is a side by side of our original CAD drawing, left, which is obviously incredibly thin and not long at all. Our latest print, right, was almost 50% wider and an inch longer. This design was way too big.

Progress Update

Our original CAD drawings were printed, and were just huge. So we had taken the bottom home, had traced it compared to one of our dogs, and had measured it, and are working on redrawing everything on CAD. We had actually made a standard size drawing on CAD, and have just been copying and pasting that to edit it for whichever boot bottom design. So far that has been working really well and we're ensuring that everything is the same size.

The left image is our design which was compared to one of our dogs. The brown sharpie was the tracing of the dogs paw, which was then measured for our new CAD drawings. The paw it was measured from was of a medium/large dog, which was a yellow lab, german shepard mix. This mix gives you an idea of the dog's potential paw size.

And this image here to the right is of the new and improved basic CAD drawing that we've made. This is the sketch that we've been copying and pasting to use for

our designs.

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