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Project Status: ReactChicago

What have we gotten done last week?

- Successfully finished all the profile screens for the FriendSwipe feature.

- Connected the FriendSwipe screens to one another.

Problems we encountered...

- We found out we cannot add videos into the MarvelApp program, so we are currently thinking of a new way to incorporate what we want into the 365Stories.


This week was a light week due to the fact that we just wanted to finish everything that we had left. We did not want to start anything new until we got all of our old kinks and old features finished. Therefore, we only finished FriendSwipe and connecting everything together.

This new week, we hope to...

- Add the notifications screen

- Come up with a solution for 365Stories, and finish it

- What to do for reels, if we cannot use videos within the MarvelApp

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