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Progress Update: ReactChicago

Sprint Objective:

Creators, Vincent and Jessica, are currently finishing up data sheet, additional screens and design names.

Progress Update:

- We have been over viewing project names that would go best with our app.

- Creating a persona.

Within this past week, Jessica and Vincent have been working to find a good name for the app. From 1WithYou to ReactChicago, the team has been trying to find alternatives that could beat their current name, ReactChicago. They have also created Personas, in order to get a better idea on who and what their projected audience is.

Although unfinished, Jessica and Vincent will be working on the additional screens and data sheets for the next week before their hiatus (spring break).

Learning Experience:

They had to work with other groups, try new things and come out of their safe shell in order to create something that is different and unique.

What's Next?

We're going to be creating a spreadsheet with data that will match user interests together. We will also start preparing to import functional videos into our app. The app should be fully connected within the next 1-2 weeks, where we will have students begin to test our app design.

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