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Progress Update: ReactChicago

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Sprint Objective:

Creators, Vincent and Jessica, are currently finishing up all user profiles for the friendswipe feature. They are almost done connecting all screens together and are now going to do research on hoot attach functional videos on the app.

Progress Update:

- Finished with creating 20+ profiles

- Linked all profiles together

- Designs for all screens are completed

Screens from this week:

Jessica's Contribution:

Within this past week, Jessica has been able to complete all the screens and fix the Touch Bar at the bottom. She has also been able to color correct some of the buttons, so that the anesthetic-of the app is more eye-catching.

Vincent's Contribution:

Vincent has been able to connect most of the screens together. He has also been able to fix any of the remaining screens by color correcting some of our buttons to shifting the buttons around.

Learning Experience:

- There are more efficient ways to assemble the screens together.

- We can begin creating a spreadsheet to mimic the data behind an actual app.

- Certain parts of our could be improved by having more touch features.

What's Next?

We're going to be creating a spreadsheet with data that will match user interests together. We will also start preparing to import functional videos into our app. The app should be fully connected within the next 1-2 weeks, where we will have students begin to test our app design.

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