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Progress Update: ReactChicago


1WithYou changed to become ReactChicago in order to keep the theme of Teens meeting Teens.

ReactChicago also has a new logo to represent the city of Chicago and the unity of young Chicagoans.

Our objective this week...

Creators, Jessica and Vincent, will continue to put the app together slowly. Everyday there will be more profiles and feature screens added so that the app is coming along and on time to finish.


On Tuesday, due to our change in logo and name we needed to change the screens of our app as well. We opt out of the red/pink color scheme to a dark blue theme that will give our app a more neutral effect. It also matches the dark blue logo of Chicago Public Schools, which is our intended audience for the app.

A little look into the upgraded app...

Co-creator, Vincent, was also able to start putting the app together in order for it to move from one screen to the next. Here is a sneak peek of what it looks like...

Though the app is still incomplete, it is coming along smoothly, especially with the newly added features.

In this tab bar, the features include...

  1. 365Stories - A new feature where users can post daily pictures/videos of them so that other users are able to view it.

  2. FriendSwipe - An existing feature where users are able to swipe left or right on choosing who they want to connect and interact with based on their information.

  3. Reels - A new feature where users are able to upload videos similar to TikTok videos and also incorporate songs of their liking to post.

Everyday there will be more profile and feature screens added so that the app is coming along and on time to finish.


On Wednesday, we worked on more profile screens but we encountered a problem along the way. We noticed that the names took too much of the space and it got in the way of the prototype phone. This problem set us back because we had to change each individual profile in order to fix it. This is a problem we would have to look out for in the future profile screens as we continue to finish on time.

This is an example of the problem we encountered...

After we fixed all of the screens, it should now look like this...

Other than our small setback, we also worked on adding more to one of our new features. We added one more screen for the 365Stories to one of our users. Here is a sneak peek...


On Thursday, we continue to create the screens for one of our new features: 365Stories. Again, 365SStories is a way for users to look at what everyday life looks like for one person living in the city. This could include pictures or videos that capture the essence of teens in Chicago. With approval from current users, here is a look into what the new screens look like...

We also added the tabs into the profile screens, this is so our users are able to access the different features and applications within the app.

We have also been connecting the tabs with the screens, this is so in functions like an app and that everything is accessible from just a touch of a button.


We are still working on our profile screens and one of the new features of the app. At first, we noticed that our old buttons were too big with the tab bar at the bottom. This is another set back into our plan because we had to individually fix each screen and change the size of the button in order for it to fit into the screen.

We also opted out of the red color into the blue color in order to match the theme of the app. It would also give the neutral theme of the app we were going for to increase social interaction between teens. Red or the pink color could insinuate another idea, like a dating app, which we want to avoid that idea because we want this to be a way for teens to meet teens in a way as friends.

This concludes our end of the week blog for the current making of ReactChicago. See you next week!

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