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Progress Update Dog Boots


This week we had sewn a sock to connect the bottoms unto. We had made it and tested it on our medium/large sized dog tester. The sock fit fine, and the bottom was the perfect size, however, the connecting velcro material did not work at all. The bottom had flown off when the dog walked and it was just a mess. This test further ensures our idea of connecting the two items by a magnet and zipper combo.


This week we also figured out how we want to make the final boot bottoms. We're not quite sure on what material we're going to melt into the mold. The mold just went around a piece of the bottom we had cut out and we left it for a day and came back and took it apart. The picture on the bottom right is the first time we had tested it. It hadn't worked because of how we placed the bottom. The right picture is the second time which worked really well.

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