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Post Spring Break Blog Update

Updated: May 15

With the hectic schedule of this past week, our work through each day was pretty arbitrary. During these two weeks, we were able to print multiple parts and also successfully connect our vex brain to our vex motor.

At this point, we had officially transitioned our motor parts to being vex. After having attached the brain (seen above) to a motor with some code uploaded via the controller, we were able to make a functional motor which only rotates towards the right direction when the screen would be tapped on. We also jokingly added a message to be shown after this event triggered saying "Don't fail us".

The motor at this point is fully functional and the way it is activated is that it turns clockwise when the right side of the screen is pressed and turns counter clockwise when the left side of the screen is pressed. The only thing we have to work on mindfully is adding a button in place of the of the screen as we would want our customers to use.

Last week, we were focusing on printing the pieces for our next prototype, which we had been struggling with for some weeks now either due to issues in our 3D printers or due to a measurement error in our model.

In the past weeks since spring break, we've been successful in printing a lot of our pieces, and much of the pieces we've been reprinting have been the same ones for our previous prototype with some adjustments. The difference between this prototype and the previous is that the previous one was made as a model while we plan to make this one functional.

As of now, our work is just a rigorous race to get all the parts together and have a functional model. This is going to be the first functional model we will be making as we've discussed about the motor.

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