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Magic 8 Box

By: Anthony Mak, Ryan Limanni, Zachary Siedlecki, Dominic Ridarelli

Our team in front of our final 8 box game in red


One of the best things you could do with a microbit is to create a fun game that is easy and entertaining to play with. Together our team designed a way to spice up the original Magic 8 Ball game into a box form with other fun features included.

What made our 8 "box" game different?

There was more to our design than just having the shell be a box instead of the typical ball shape. Our design incorporated a light neon system each time it was activated as well as a music system that would play a scale tune when an answer was given by our game.

How does it work?

  1. Shaking input command activates the code

  2. After shaken, lights, music, and text is simultaneously outputted

  3. Light system rotates neon pixels to change colors (connected by alligator clips)

  4. Speaker system plays a note scale (connected by alligator clips)

  5. Variable is set to allow a random number to be picked

  6. When a number is picked text is coded to respond with each different number

  7. All microbits, alligator clips, batteries are put into the box and sealed with tape

Interior components of our game


Overall the project was a success. A lot of people had fun playing our game and we enjoyed getting the opportunity to be creative as a team and design something that brings joy to others.

Hardest Moments

  1. Learning to code each component

  2. Removing the batteries to save the power on them

  3. Organizing all the cords/cables in the box

The microbit for the light component being coded

What questions could you ask the box?

As the regular "magic 8 ball" game is designed, only yes or no questions would fit within the game. Some of the responses by the microbit would include:

  • Very doubtful

  • Try again later

  • It is certain

  • No

  • Ask again

and so on...

How would we design it again?

We would most likely...

Cords being organized within our box

  • Add more lights

  • Make the shell of the box look cleaner by having more precise cuts

  • Add more options for answer possibilities

  • Use some sort of screen to display the answers instead of using the microbit for text

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