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Introduction \ Recap:

The problem we are trying to solve is to help blind people or people who lose their things a lot and were never able to find them. To help them actually find it but with the use of a watch the can vibrate from a certain distance we locator is too far away. Waring the person that item the locator is getting too far away you an option to diss it or make the locator vibrate We are hoping that people will stop losing items so often and be able to find them more often.

Design Sprint Objective:

Our objective for this week and futures days is to make a prototype that is close or somewhat close to what we want for customers to use and have. That is able to to turn off and on at will but also vibrate when the Mircobits are far away from each other

Progress Update and Insights:

We have the vibrating working but only when button A is pressed on

Currently, we are having a problem making the Mircobit vibrate from a distance since it's the most complex coding. Maria and Rose are the names of the Mircobits color-coded. We were able to make Maria show the distance it is from Rose.

the further away Rose was the more lights on Maria would show. The closer Rose was the less lights Maria would have on the board (shown below). We just need to find how to apply that to turning on the motor at a certain distance to start vibrating.

What's Next:

We are hoping that soon we are able to make Maria vibrate at a certain distance.

This week really soon I say in three day or less. We also hope that we are able to design sketches of the looks for outer shells.

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