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Logo Designs

We are a group focused to design an interchangeable dog boot. We've not finalized on a name so we've created logos based on our top two choices: Bully Boots and Golden Pawz.

Design 1:

This first design is for Golden Pawz and consists of a much more simplistic and modern look to it. When we were making this we wanted something easily identifiable, yet unique, which is why we had used this design for the paw. The color choice was also very basic, in the sense that we wanted people to be able to understand our logo if they were just to see the paw.

Design 2:

Same concept for this logo as the one prior. We wanted it to be more simplistic, but I personally am not a very big fan because I feel it's hard to understand what our product may be. Same situation for our color way, easily identifiable.

Design 3:

This was our last logo idea for our Golden Pawz concept. We tried to stick with similar colors for all three designs because we thought they could be easily visible when on our merchandise, a website, or more. This design in specific is hard to decipher, even myself as a designer for this project am having a hard time figuring out what exactly we're selling. Despite that, we really like the look of the leash with the name because we just think it fits in so perfectly.

Design 4:

This is my personal favorite design that I made. This is starting up with our Bully Boots name. I really like the bull dog figurine because I feel it looks super futuristic in a way, and is just so different. I've never seen a logo with a design similar to this. I think the dog is easily identifiable so if the words weren't there it's easy to see what we are. I think the drawing also explains what the "Bully" stands for, and the "boot" is perfect for explaining what we're selling. For this design I think it's important that there aren't crazy colors because the design is so complex.

Design 5:

This design also has a similar concept to the one prior. The only difference in the description for the two is because of the color choice. For this design it was important to have one dark color and one more bold so that it was easier to see the details within the drawing.

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