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Logo Design Concepts

All of our logo concept sketches

What we did

This week we designed 6 different logo concepts with each one having different features and influences behind them

The logo of our first concept design

1st Design

In this sketch, we drew a gaming controller along side our project name. This design includes the small buttons of the controller and the font we have for the words is futuristic. The only reason we have the controller split in half was because we thought it would add some extra style to the logo and be less bland. We knew for one of the designs we wanted a controller on it because the controller relates to the item we are trying to protect. If we were to color this, we may split the left half of the controller with an RGB of values R=10, G=56, and B=187. This gives a shade of blue. The right half could have a RGB value of R=41, G=34, and B=34. This gives the right side a dark gray color. The words for our name could be black.

2nd Design

The logo of our second concept design

In this design, we drew a fist that was breaking a gaming controller in half. The pieces of the controller are flying around the space and the project name is split with "Rage" being on top and "Armor" being on the bottom below the fist. We were influenced by our naming having the word rage in it. We wanted to add the fist breaking the controller because it connects back to one of our solutions we are trying to fix of people breaking their controllers when they rage quit. The design incorporates both the rage aspect as well as the gaming aspect within it. The font of the words is the same as the first design which is a boxy futuristic style. If we were to color this, we would make the fist part have an RGB value of R=229, G=16, and B=16. This would give the fist a bright red color and grab people's attention. We definitely wouldn't want to limit it to an actual possible color of a person's skin because it feels kind of strange to make that decision on what sort of skin color to pick. Red not only grabs someone's attention and relates to the rage aspect, but it also avoids us having to make the decision of what kind of real skin color to have to pick for it. The controller itself could have an RGB value of R=53, G=46, and B=46. This makes the controller have a darker shade. The smaller pieces could also be an RGB value of R=255, G=118, and B=38 to give it an overall orange color. The letters can remain black.

3rd Design

The logo of our third concept design

This sketch has a large circle and within that circle is a shield/crest that has the name of our project on it. We were influenced by the protection aspect of our project which is why we drew a shield because it symbolizes something being protected/fortified. The letters use the same font as the other designs. If we were to color this, we could have the circle background be an RGB value of R=46, G=36, and B=30. This gives it an overall dark gray color. The shield can have an RGB value of R=28, G=88, and B=209. This gives it a bright blue color. The letters can be black.

4th Design

The logo of our fourth concept design

In this design, we drew a fist striking a surface and 2 chunks of a controller flying apart. The same font is used and there are these flashy lines and spark like contact between the surface and the fist. We were once again influenced by the concept of rage and video gaming for this design. We also were influenced by our 2nd design by tweaking it slightly to make it have this kind of spark-like feature on it. If we were to color this, the fist could have an RGB value of R=229, G=16, and B=16 giving it a bright red color. The controller pieces could have and RGB value of R=53, G=46, and B=46 giving it a dark gray shade. The larger spark and other lines around the smashing fist could have an RGB value of R=255, G=251, and B=38 giving it a bright yellow color which grabs people's attention. The color of the letters could remain black.

5th Design

The logo of our fifth concept design

In this sketch, we drew a flexing arm next to the title of our project name. The reason we drew a fist is because it not only shows a symbol of power, but it also shows a symbol of rage in some way. This contributes to the idea of getting angry but also have power/strength to protect something which in this case is our controller. If we were to color this, we could make the arm have an RGB value of R=54, G=222, and B=44. This gives the arm a bright green color which makes the design sketch feel high-tech. The letters could probably use a color to add some detail and it could have an RGB value of R=232, G=65, and B=33. This gives it a Red color which contrasts the green color picked for the arm. Contrasting colors not only grab people's attention, but are also pleasing to look at.

6th Design

The logo of our sixth concept design

This design is the final design we made. It has two pieces of a controller almost jig-sawed together as if they are puzzle pieces. There are lines and other particles around the controller for extra detail. The project name is split into two sides on the left and right grips of the controller and they are facing almost vertically with there being some slight curve to them. We were influenced by wanting to add in another design that had a gaming controller to it. We also wanted to change up the placement of our font to see how that would look and we were pleased with the results. If we were to color this, we could have the left side of the controller have an RGB value of R=148, G=10, and B=231. This gives it a cool purple color. The right side of the controller could have an RGB value of R=244, G=237, and B=15. This gives it a bright gold color which contrasts with the purple color picked for the left side of the controller. The contrast between purple and gold is a nice mixture that is aesthetically pleasing. The color of the letters could be black. The color of the lines and particles could have an RGB value of R=249, G=134, and B=13. This gives it an orange color and adds brightness to the design concept.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was pretty interesting to draw out each sketch and be influenced by different ideas for each sketch we created. We would like to share the logos we designed with other people and get their opinion on which ones they liked the most if any. Also if there is a specific concept that has a good basic sketch, but may need a few tweaks, we would like to know that as well from others.

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