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Logo Blog:Op-Ta-Close

We have named our team Shade because the main purpose of our company is to provide electric curtain appliances which in turn provide shade. We've made six potential logos for our product as follows.

What follows is an explanation behind the visual components of each logo.

  1. The first logo represents a beautiful scenery of curtains opening to reveal a sunrise.

  2. The second logo is our products name partially hidden behind a curtain, as you may notice by now, much of these logos have curtains which is to represent the use of our project.

  3. The third logo is a house with a curtain and a person looking out from the window.

  4. The forth logo is a rocket closing the curtain

  5. The fifth logo is simple bubble letters of the product name

  6. The sixth logo is suppose to be a muscly arm reaching out of the presumed remote that comes with the project to close the project, although it is a very rough and crude.

We are currently choosing between either the first or third image, but I do want to add the dimensionality of the second logo.

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