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Let the Rumbling Being

Introduction \ Recap:

We want to help people who are blind and help people who lose items at their own home a lot. With our project people can use sound and feeling to find their lost item. As two devices (Mircobits) will be used, one will be worn as a watch, and the other be attached to the item that being track. Item will start to Rumble (vibrate) when the watch get far from a certain distance. We hope that our project will reduce the amount of lost items that people

lose each day.

Rose (above)

Design Sprint Objective:

We hope to get Maria to Rumble when far from Rose at a certain distance. We don't know this distance but we will figure it out soon . We also want to get work wirelessly and use batteries to power it see can work.

Progress Update and Insights: At the bottom the is the coding for Rose is shown. We change the time that updates Rose position from 2 seconds to 6.5 seconds. We also change the melody of the beat when pressing button A on Maria. Also kept old coding just in case but is not in use.

The bottom pic shows coding for Maria. We changed showing how far Rose is from Maria from Leds to showing how far it is with numbers. We were able to make it vibrate from distance.

We did take while to do this coding as we took a whole day to make it vibrate. Our group does not know much about coding but we are able to do. We also decided to change our company name to Warmer. Like the Warm and Cold game.( credits to Emilio for the amazing name)

What's Next: We wanna start making design for the shells of the mircobit make it a little nicer looking then it is. We are also planning to make the vibration pause and go like little beats when the signal strength on Rose is less the 55 so that way people are able to know that they are getting Warmer to the the item they are trying to find. We also wanna create a wrist watch and find small batteries that are able to power the Mircobit. Easy to remove or exchange. We do plan to make it rechargeable but for now battery power is our objective.

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