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Laser Cut EDC

For our Welcome Night for prospective Freshman at Von Steuben, we designed this small ruler / keychain. We designed this nifty every day carry (EDC.

The design of this is heavily influenced by the "Gift of Good Measure" Glowforge catalog design.

The Gift of Good Measure features a 2" ruler, and holes for sizing bolts or drawing circles. It also features outer curve radii of 1/2", 1/4", and 1/8". This seemed like a good example project to try replicating. It focuses on design aspects such as: positioning, line widths, sizing, joining lines, and arcs.

We adapted the design, moved the start of the ruler to the edge, and added our own logo and text. The edge is also a perfect 90 degree square.

We copied the holes from the original design. The holes are aligned along the top edge and equally spaced. These can be useful for sizing bolts and screws. The outside radius edges can be used for cutting and rounding edges on projects or just using to help visualize what various corner radiii look like.

Laser Cut Settings:

  • Material: plywood* or draftboard

  • Cut:

  • Speed: 183 / Power: Full

  • Engrave (Draft Graphic):

  • Speed: 1000 / Power: Full

  • LPI: 125

  • Score:

  • Speed: 125 / Power: 21

* - Natural grain of plywood may interfere or lower the quality of the fine detail of scoring / engraving features.


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