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Laptop Cooler Project Update

Updated: Mar 22, 2022


We want to create a laptop cooler that is high quality, portable and helps maintain the health of your laptop.

We have created a cardboard model of our fan cooler. In this we focused on getting the fan layout planned out and the wiring situation solved. After this we started designing our laptop cooler on onshape. We completed the design and we are getting ready to laser cut our model. We are having some trouble right now but we are very close to having our first laser cut model.


We have some ideas for how we are going to test our project when we get to that point. We will compare our fan with the one that Mr.Huang purchased for us. We could run some things on the computer and make it hot. Then using the Cpu Temp Test we can see the internal temperature of the laptop. We can then see which laptop cooler cools it down faster or more efficiently. We also have the tool that measure the speed of the air being produced by the fans. We can use that to compare which laptop cooler which has the stronger fans.

We have completed some very key components to our project in the last 2 weeks. One of them being the layout and wiring situation inside of our laptop cooler. This decision was very important to our project because our design kinda revolves around how the fans are layed out. The wiring situation was also important because we wanted to get the smallest amount of wires possible inside our case. We don't have the air flow to be hindered due to wires covering the fans.

For this next upcoming week, We want to laser cut our model and be able to see where it is at and if it needs any tweaks. We most likely will have to change some things, so we will need to make another model potentially. When we get that final model we will begin testing and comparing our laptop cooler to other ones. We will see what ours is better/worse at than the others and potentially be able to add some features from the others that can make ours better.

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