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Interchangeable Dog Boot #4


In the last week we have printed 2 of our CAD drawings. The first one was printed earlier in the week and we had noted that it was much thinner then we had intended. That being said, we have edited the CAD drawing and printed a new one, which Logan seems to be looking for.

Design Sprint Objective

Our objective still hasn't really changed. Ideally by next week we'd like to have a complete prototype of our boot. Micaela and Max are going to finish the basic boot, sock idea while Logan and Sophia discuss how everything may fit together.

Progress Update

Obviously we covered a lot of the update in our recap, but more specifically we've been discussing how we want the boot bottoms to connect to the actual sock. We really like the idea of a magnet, completed with a zipper around just so that everything connects even better. This is also something we'd like to have figured out in the next week.

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