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Interchangeable Dog Boot

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

This is a potential team name and logo design that was made just this last week. Nothing set in stone, but definitely an idea.

First Prototype:

This is our very first drawing which was for the sock. As shown in the picture, we had taken two pieces of fabric, sewn them together, and turned it inside out. It obviously wasn't very sturdy as it was just felt, but it was a good introduction and eye opener since we found that velcro wouldn't be the best option to connect the bottoms we made to the sock. Velcro gave way too quickly.

Second Drawing

This was the second boot drawing, but first for a specific purpose. This was for the snow boot bottom, which had lots of smaller bits that connected into the overall boot.

First CAD Design

This was the very first CAD drawing that Logan had done on OnShape for his hiking boot. It didn't end up getting printed because of the dimensioning.

First CAD 3D Prints

The bottom on the far right was the very first print, which was huge. I believe the dimensions on it were 4 inches by like 6 inches. The bottom on the left was the second print we did. We had fixed up the dimensions, but ended up not making the bottom wide enough. These bottoms were both specifically for the snow boot design.

New Dimensions:

To get a better idea of what our dimensions needed to be, instead of finding the average size of a dog paw, we had just traced the dog's paw we had been testing onto the first cad print. The dog is fairly large, as it is a German Shepard, Chow, Lab, mix.

Current Update:

Our group has been very productive within the last week. Logan and Sophia drew CAD drawings for the hiking boot bottom and the snow boot.

Right is the snow boot.

Left is the hiking boot and part of the sock.

Currently, Sophia is making one for the rainboot while Logan is doing research on a potential therapeutic one. They also 3d printed both bottoms using a more flexible filament. So far, we are trying to research ways to make a mold from our prints so that we can make the official boot bottoms from rubber so it's more durable. Micaela and Max have worked on making a basic sock, which they sewed. They have to make a new one with the correct dimensions which will probably be done come Tuesday. Our next sprint will be dedicated to finding a way to better connect the sock and bottoms. Current ideas consist of a magnet, zippers, or maybe velcro. We would like to have a complete prototype by the next week, but more realistically by the next two weeks.

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