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  • Create and design and app to solve for anti-socialness by connecting teens in Chicago with one another.

  • Our design targets teens who felt that their social skills have diminished due to the COVID-19 quarantine.

This Week's Objective:

  • Logo Design

Progress Update:

EDD - InteractChicago Logo Design
Download PDF • 162KB

Design 1: This logo incorporates the city aspect of what we were trying to go for. It brings in the urban feel due to the buildings in the logo. The semi circle above brings in the unity of the teenagers into the city.

Design 2: This logo is very basic, it is just our design title but the initials pop out. We are looking for a very simplistic yet intricate logo. This one is less on the intricate side but is more direct towards our brand.

Design 3: In this logo design, I wanted to mock the CTA logo. To do this, I tried to make the title slanted, kind of italicized. The parallelogram in the middle separates the title, giving it more space and dimension.

Design 4: In design 4, I wanted to do a flirty font. I thought by having a less bold logo might gain a wider audience, but it could also bring in only a one-sided audience. A font that is less detailed and more on the basic side. Instead of this being a logo, it could be a variation of the types of logos that we want to incorporate into the app as a way of marketing.

Design 5: In this design, I wanted the audience to get a different point of view, hence the glasses. I thought by incorporating the glasses, it would emphasize that glasses could depict a clear view of InteractChicago. Having people see through our lenses to see what has happened as high school students amidst the pandemic, would or could show the audience what our brand is about.

Design 6: In this design, I made our title a button and added a cursor to it. This would make it seem like the cursor is about to press the button. I drew this design because it is intricate, yet also very simplistic. I like the irony that it gives because InteractChicago is meant to be an app but there is a cursor as if it was a computer/laptop application.

Here is a recap of what he have done:

We have began creating our slides for our business pitch. On this slide, we decided to add some background and facts to help the audience understand what our problem is.

We found a couple of issues on some of these slides, so we went in and widened the selection (when users click on a space), so that the next slide will show up if one part of the slide is clicked.

Co-Creators' Contribution:


  1. Started the alternate version of the app on XCode


  1. Finishing up presentation

  2. Drew the potential logos

Things we learned this week:

We learned that by creating an alternate version of the app, will leave us open minded and how we can improve the app.


An obstacle that is really big for us right now is probably how were going to present everything in a limited time frame.

What's Next?

We hope to be able to help teens #InteractChicago to decrease anti-socialness. As the world is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 crisis, we hope that teens will be able to utilize this app to connect with others and build back a stronger Chicago community.

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