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  • Create and design and app to solve for anti-socialness by connecting teens in Chicago with one another.

  • Our design targets teens who felt that their social skills have diminished due to the COVID-19 quarantine.

This Week's Objective:

  • Film a demo for the app and create a slideshow to propose for the final pitch.

  • Throughout the next week, we will be making sure all of our data matches different users with common interests together.

  • By the end of the next week, we should be finished grouping students together and all of our features (FriendSwipe, Reels, Notifications, and 365Stories) will be functional.

  • Start a presentation for our demo and for the presentation.

  • Start researching the pros and cons of an app such as cyberbullying, protection and etc.

Progress Update:

  1. We took a break from the app due to Spring Break, we plan to continue to our objectives and finish them by the end of the week.

Here is a recap of what he have done (before the spring break):

The sign up/login slides are all connected together and we have organized them in a section together:

Beyond the login screens, we also have a notification tab where teens will be able to check any notifications they may have throughout the day:

These 4 slides are part of our 365Stories which are 'simulated' to actually look like functional videos/quick pictures (365Stories allows teens to be able to take a quick selfie of themselves or even a video):

These are our set of consumers with customized profiles who are part of the FriendSwipe feature:

Here are a set of data that we have collected. Green users are grouped together due to common interest. Red users are more compatible with each other. Clear users are exclusive users who have the best compatibility with each other. This data helps us group together and prioritize who to display first for certain users on the FriendSwipe feature.

Co-Creators' Contribution:


  1. Setting up the slideshow by inserting logistics for the app to actually be functional such as targeted consumer and cost.

  2. Filming the demo for the slideshow.

  3. Adjusting certain screens to make sure the demo progresses cohesively.


  1. Jessica is finishing the rest of the screens and making any final touches.

  2. Adding extra screens that would make the app look more sleek.

  3. Attempting to use the MacBook software Mr. Huang suggested to use to add animations.

Things we learned this week:

We learned that we can create a small animation for our project when the app launches to give it the extra touch of a real app. We hope to be able to learn how to design a small animation to add to our screen. This will be added to our slideshow to simulate what the app may look like.


Marvel won't allow us to bring in the animation because we don't have access to the premium version. Therefore, we plan to simulate the app using the slideshow to give the audience/consumer what the app may look like.

What's Next?

We hope to finish our slideshow and start prepping for our presentation. Also, we hope to be able to help teens #InteractChicago to decrease anti-socialness. As the world is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 crisis, we hope that teens will be able to utilize this app to connect with others and build back a stronger Chicago community.

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