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Finding Your 1WithYou

1WithYou is created by Frank G, Vincent L, and Jessica N.

Imagine being told you were going to have a two weeks off of school, and those two weeks become a year and half at home. You were isolated from your friends to keep not only them safe, but you and your family. Technology was the only thing that kept you from falling apart. This is what happened in March 2020, where high school teenagers lives were disrupted. Coming back from this quarantine is tough because of the antisocial behavior that was developed over time at home. To break this behavior, our group decided to create an app that would help Chicago teens connects with one another again. We call this app 1WithYou.

Our Mission

We promote the connection of Chicago Public Schools high school students with each other. There are 169 Chicago Public high schools, each with various different personalities from its students. We want to combine the different interests of students with each other to promote a more sociable atmosphere.

What is Antisocial Behavior?

Antisocial behavior is a personality disorder that disregards right from wrong, encourages hostility, poor and abusive relationships, and inflicts lack of empathy. Due to many different circumstances, there may be different levels of antisocial behavior. Some of these circumstances may include trauma, alcohol abuse, or even homelessness. It can only be treated if a person who possesses it is willing to get it treated. The most common treatment is psychotherapy also known as talk therapy. These sessions can help with decreasing how a person reacts to certain topics and could help individuals express themselves to someone. Also, this could allow the person to get questioned and reevaluate their actions to receive some sort of remorse for any actions.

How will we use other designs to make an improved dating app?

53% of people lie on their online dating profiles. To fix this, dating apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge and have implemented new features to make users feel comfortable with online dating. Tinder will now have a panic button, photo verification, and an offensive messages feature. Tinder has created a partnership with Noonlight, which aims to create a secure and private environment for Tinder users. Not only does it aim to allow users to find the right partner, but also puts the safetyness of its audience first as well.

Today, we are incorporating ways to promote safetyness by requiring students to sign up with their CPS accounts. We will also require students to scan their ID and get it verified within days. With face recognition, we will be able to make sure students are actually them when signing in. This app is designed to bridge any awkward silence between students and allow students to interact with each other from all parts of Chicago.

Stay on track and if you're in need of a baenem, download 1WithYou available on Apple and Androids.


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