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Ergonomic Carpal Tunnel Reducing Mouse (E.C.T.R.M)

Goal: Our goal is to create an ergonomic mouse that helps to reduce the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome while also providing comfortable fit for all hands.

Prototypes: Pictured above shows our progression of our mice designs. The mouse on the far left was our first design, we found it on Thingiverse and we figured it would be a good foundation mouse design to start from. The mouse second from the left is the first design including a ergonomic resting attachment that made the mouse more comfortable to hold and was our actual first step at producing a Carpal Tunnel reducing mouse. The blue mouse was the first design that included both the mouse and the attachment in one that 3D printed together without us having to do after print work on it. The far right mouse is our most recent design, it's practically the same as the blue mouse however it's able to fit a Logitech B100 comfortably and is able to operate properly.

Objectives: Currently we have printed out several prototypes of our mouse design, we have also worked on perfecting the CAD modeling and making the 3D printed model take less effort to correct once it's printed. We are also currently working on learning how to make a more fluid design that's has more functionality when it comes to everyday use of the mouse.

Issues: Currently the mouse is somewhat big and has issues of moving across a mouse pad smoothly and without falling off or getting caught because of it's size. We are going to fix this by making a better design that is smaller while maintaining the comfortability and effectiveness of our current design.

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