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Enhancements to 3D Printers

As Team 3 discovers the wonders of the Jessinator, we believe that we can improve the 3D printer’s features with additional prints. Within the Ender 3V 2 packages, we have found a small inconvenience for our tools. The built in box of the Jessinator can only hold small tools such as screws, which excludes essential tools such as the scraper. Through this observation and issue, we have proposed to 3D print a toolbar to attach to our 3D printer for efficiency purposes.

This toolbar holds all the necessary tools available, such as the screwdrivers, the pliers and the scraper. Something convenient about the tool holder is that it can click onto the profile so it could sit upright. Because this was our first official print on the Jessinator, we had trouble with the filament sticking onto the bed of the Ender 3V. We tried multiple prints and adjusted our offset but still the filament did not stick onto the bed. The next day, we realized we needed some kind of paste to stick onto the bed so that the filament was able to stick as well. We used Elmer’s glue to complete the print and it successfully printed.

We do not think it needs any change or advancements. However, some designs would be nice as well. The tool holder is already practical enough and it does not need to change anymore because it does all the necessary things. A cool design such as horns, an extension or even something else would add that type of flare and creativity to the tool holder. This would create a new dynamic and would enhance our customization.

Process Pictures:

In this photo, it is noticeable that the filament is better applied on the bed of the Ender 3V. Before the filament would not stick onto the bed and would fly up and would leave leftovers.

In this photo, Team 3 is admiring the Pro Tool Holder at work after we used glue to adjust the printing process.

The pro tool holder on the profile of the 3D printer. It holds tools such as our screwdrivers, pliers and spatula with ease.

The pro tool holder after printing.

The pro tool holder on the profile of the Ender 3 without any tools.

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